Best skateboards for beginners in 2023 tried and tested | Evening Standard

2023-01-30 14:37:51 By : Mr. Ka Fai NGAN

Skateboards that’ll have you rolling around (and mastering tricks) in no time

hanks to the Tokyo Olympic Games, the rise of teen skater Sky Brown and more recently, an unexpected appearance in the John Lewis Christmas Advert, skateboarding is becoming more popular than ever. In recent years, more and more kids, tweens and teens are picking up their first skateboard and starting to have fun on four wheels. 2 Wheel Skate Shoes

Best skateboards for beginners in 2023 tried and tested | Evening Standard

You may think finding a skateboard for beginners is fairly straightforward - but there’s more involved in the decision than you may think. Whilst you can easily pick up a plastic skateboard for novice boarders on a budget, a higher quality skateboard is the best option for beginners who intend to gradually build up their skills.

With a range of skateboards to suit all sizes and ages, we’ve done our research to bring you insights on what to look out for when selecting a skateboard for beginners, as well as our recommendations for the best beginner skateboards you can buy today.

Whether they’re looking to zoom around the skate parks, board along the streets with friends, skate for fun or try and master some tricks and flips, here are the best beginners skateboards you can pick up today.

These brightly coloured graffiti-style skateboards were launched in collaboration with the iconic professional skater Tony Hawk, otherwise known as ‘Birdman’. A slightly shorter board than a standard skateboard, these boards make a popular choice for teens looking to learn some basic skills and tricks on four wheels. The 360 series boasts higher levels of turn ability, that make skills such as ollies (jumping and hopping over obstacles) somewhat easier to master.

Made from high-quality maple with a gentle concave and incorporated grip tape, this is a sturdy and robust board for beginners that won’t break the bank.

-  Deck Material: 7-ply 100% Hardrock maple

-  Wheels: 54mm/99a Polyurethane wheels

A full-sized 8” skateboard from a well-known and trusted brand, the Venom Full-Size Skate Board is a great skateboard option for an older child, teen or adult, large enough to last from the beginner stage right through to when they’ve mastered some more complicated techniques.

With a choice of seven different colourways to match their personality and style preferences, this high-quality skateboard is made from 7-ply Canadian maple wood that is lightweight but robust enough to withstand a fair few knocks, falls and tumbles. Unlike the plastic wheels often found on cheaper boards, the urethane wheels ensure a smooth ride whilst the concave shape helps riders master tricks such as ollies and kickflips with ease.

A great option for teens and adults wanting to dip their toes into the world of skateparks whilst improving their boarding skills.

-  Best suited for: Children 9+ / Teens or Adults

-  Wheels: 52mm/99a Urethane wheels on ABEC 11-rated bearings

Known as one of the best skateboard manufacturers on the market, this premium skateboard is packed full of features to provide a smooth and stress-free ride, whether you’re skating around obstacles, free skating or attempting to take to the air.

With a striking ‘screaming hand’ design, this is a board your teen would be proud to take down to their local skatepark. Certainly not style over substance however, the lightweight board has aluminium trunking with cushions for easy turns and durable high-speed bearings that are lubricated to reduce resistance.

- Deck Material: 7-ply Maple construction

- Wheels: 52mm/Slime Balls 95a Wheels

The Osprey Complete Beginners Double Skateboard has a striking Aztec tribal theme design with a choice of six different colourways to choose from.

The double kick design (where the board is raised at both ends) can make tricks easier for beginners to master, allowing them to be performed from both the nose and tail of the board.

Whilst it may not be as lightweight as some 7-ply boards, this 9ply maple deck with a concave centre. It also features aluminium trunks and smooth gliding wheels to improve manoeuvrability and responsiveness, leaving you to whip around corners and obstacles with ease.

If you’re after a board for younger riders, this comic-book-inspired design from the well-respected skateboard brand Enuff will be a popular choice. A great entry-level skateboard, it’s ideal for mastering the basics or taking to the ramps at your local skatepark.

With a narrower board deck that is best suited for riders between 6 and 9 years, this skateboard offers a double kicktail deck to support skills and tricks. The full-length rip tape and strong medium-sized wheels also ensure a safe, sturdy and secure experience, even for the newest riders.

Another skateboard that pays homage to professional rider Tony Hawk, this junior board is suitable for both beginners and intermediate skaters with a high-quality deck, trucks, wheels and bearings. Made from lightweight 7-ply hard rock maple, it offers small, durable wheels that ensure a jerk-free and effortless ride, even at high speed.

A great choice for riders wanting a pro potential board but in a child-friendly size.

- Best suited for: 6-9 years

- Deck Material: 7-Ply Hardrock Maple

- Wheels: 52mm 95A HR Wheels

Skateboards are a very personal thing, so if you’re buying for someone we recommend you choose with them - it doesn’t matter how technically capable a board is - if they don’t like the design - they won’t use it.

Best skateboards for beginners in 2023 tried and tested | Evening Standard

80mm Inline Skate Wheels The Tony Hawk SS 360 Series Complete Skateboard gets our vote as the best entry-level board for beginners. It’s both affordable and functional, made from high-quality materials and offers the flexibility to be used for both tricks and skills and simple boarding for fun.